Funny Valentine's Day Card

by karlatrotman

February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Tweet Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and I found some of the BEST gifts on Etsy. The Catchall™ Valet My husband left for work and forgot his wallet the other day.  This These cards from Creatively Content gives new meaning to “ Perhaps he can drink his green juice out of it, or something.  By RoxberryLime2 Cost: $17

by karlatrotman

October 28 2014, 0 Comments

Tweet Last week I wrote about the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference.  Specifically, I wrote about 5 of the 10 points that Kate White shared with a crowd of about 100 women.  I was studiously took notes, as anyone who worships “Her Fashion Lordship”.  You have already heard the first five of 10 New Rules of Style in the Workplace,
back to school marketing bus

by karlatrotman

September 02 2014, 0 Comments

Tweet I just put my little crumb snatchers on the bus for the first day of school.  There were no tears.  In fact, they jumped out of the car and sprinted towards the doors of the bus.  Go figure.  My husband and I looked around at the other parents giving last minute pep talks, holding back tears and waving as the bus pulled off.  My kids did
approximate definition
Diastasis Recti Repair - Diastasis Rehab® vs. Mombodfitness
October 25 2012, 0 Comments

For years women have been told that they needed to have abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) in order to correct transverse muscle separation in their abdominal region. It wasn't until Julie Tupler came up with a technique that focuses on approximating the muscles that things start to change. Since then, other products have come on the market targeted towards the correction of diastasis recti. Some are just compression garments, which hold the belly in, but do nothing towards correction. [...]
Safe kids
How Do We Keep Our Kids Safe?
October 24 2012, 6 Comments

I have a relationship with the local NBC affiliate. When they need a parent's perspective, I sometimes get a call to come in and chat on camera. So when I learned the news of the tragic disappearance and murder of a local 12-year old girl, with a heavy heart, I was happy to lend a voice. Tracy Davidson does an amazing job covering these stories because she always bring in an expert and it allows me to ask questions of my own. View more videos at: [...]
McDonalds Monopoly Winner
How I Won A Trip Playing McDonald's Monopoly
October 22 2012, 4 Comments

There are days where I barely make it out of the door to take my youngest to daycare. Some mornings there are tantrums. Other mornings he decides that he needs to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes while I wait in the living room with my coat on. But on hectic mornings, after dropping him off, I find myself heading to McDonald's for a hot tea and Egg McMuffin, just so that I can have some semblance of nourishment. One particular morning, I noticed that McDonald's Monopoly had started. Now [...]
Men Diastasis Kit
We Now Sell Diastasis Rehab Say Good Bye to Your Gut, Guys®
October 11 2012, 2 Comments

I have been hemming and hawing about doing this, but I finally relented and decided to open up my product offering to men. Diastasis Recti - What is it? Diastasis Recti is the separation of the outer most abdominal muscles, causing the thin connective tissue to stretch across your stomach and support your internal organs. This tissue was not designed to do this, so what happening is that your belly squeezes your internal organs creating a vertical bulge. Women who have it call it a "Mumm [...]
Vera Bradley
2012 Pennsylvania Women's Conference
October 09 2012, 12 Comments

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of being a speaker at the Pennsylvania Women's Conference in Philadelphia. Many years ago, I was an attendee at this same conference and was inspired enough to forge ahead and start my online business Speaking definitely brought the experience full circle for me, but I was also able to attend various sessions and walk away once again inspired. Here are my 3 takeaways from the day. 1. Sometimes your life pushes you in the direc [...]
Top Questions Answered
October 08 2012, 4 Comments

We receive some excellent questions via email and our blog, so we decided to post the answers to the ones that are most frequently asked. Our hope is to provide clarity so that you can make and informed decision regarding your purchases. 1. Regarding the Diastasis Rehab products, can I just buy the splint? The splint is a tool to help hold your abdominal muscles together while you are doing the Tupler Technique. Its not like Spanx, where the garment does all of the work. You must d [...]
Honest Tea Philly
Honestly Refreshing
September 19 2012, 4 Comments

I am a complete beverage snob. The only thing that refreshes and cleans my palate is water. Iced teas, sodas, juices all leave that phlegmy/thick feeling in the back of my mouth. So when I was asked to try Honest Tea I didn't think that it would be any different. Honest Beverages Lou from Honest Beverages dropped the above gift bag off at my office. I have met a lot of reps in my day. I can "honestly" tell you that Lou loves this company and believes in the products that he promotes. So, [...]
Back To School Organization Tool (on sale TODAY!)
September 06 2012, 0 Comments

My boys headed back to school this week and I am already bombarded with dates galore! PTO, soccer games, karate practice, birthday parties, field trips, the list is endless. And while I am a slave to my iPhone apps, I am really old school when it comes to calendars. I have touted its greatness before, but I must share with you again, MomAgenda. MomAgenda Its an old fashion calendar that you can either carry around or leave at home in the family command center, but there is more. Websit [...]
It Is Too Hot...To Be Pregnant
August 20 2012, 0 Comments

I honestly do not know how women can endure pregnancy during the summer months. The body is going through constant changes. Your blood volume increases, which causes your blood vessels to dilate, making your body temperature feel like its rising. Add to that the heat and humidity and you have the ingredients for one miserable woman. I can't imagine living in a warmer climate where its hot year round. So in response to all of the hot and uncomfortable women with child, I am going to give you [...]
Rickland Farms Greek Yogurt Bar
The Top 10 Products That I Loved at BlogHer 2012 - Part I
August 17 2012, 0 Comments

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend BlogHer 2012. It is a humongo-jungo blogging conference that was held in New York City and over 5,000 people were in attendance. While wandering around the convention floor I came across some great products that I had to share with my fellow moms: 1. Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars I pulled my sample out of my bag while riding the train back from the conference and let me tell you, that bad boy was delicious! It killed my hunger cr [...]
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